Common Boiler Repair Faults

The following are some of the common boiler issues that our experts can fix for you. If you need more information or clarification contact us and we will be happy to provide any assistance you may need. 

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  • No hot water or heat – This is a problem that many households have to deal with that could result from a range of reasons. It may well be that there is no pilot light, the motorized or airlock vale may be broken, or there may be issues with the diaphragm. Another common problem that you may need to check for is a thermostat that has not been turned up or a central heating system that is leaking and needs fixing. 
  • Radiators not Heating up Sufficiently – Your radiator may have some air and this could be fixed using a bleed key. If the system water is dirty you could also get cold spots on the radiator. One way to fix this is by doing a power flush which can be very effective. Radiator valves may also need to be replaced if they are broken. We always recommend the installation of thermostatic radiator valves as these will help regulate the temperatures according to your preferences.  
  • Kettling – A lot of areas in London have problems with hard water and this often leads to kettling. It is a serious problem as the timescale buildup in the boiler can reduce the effectiveness of the heat exchanger. One way to reduce such buildup is to have a scale reducer installed so that it will continually remove scale from your system. We also recommend a power flush to clean out debris in the system. 
  • Banging Noises – This may be caused by debris or sludge in your system that will then pass through the boiler. Another possible cause of this is air in the system or buildup of scale that often results in weird noises. Low water pressure is another frequently overlooked cause of banging noises. 
  • Pilot Light Failing – The reasons for this could be an issue with the gas valve or a broken thermocouple. You could also get a blown-out pilot light in instances of a broken air seal. Debris may also block the pilot light and you may need to clean it out to fix the issue.
  • Losing Pressure – Leaks in the central heating system are usually the most common cause of a loss in pressure in your boiler. It could also be the failure of an expansion vessel or a faulty pressure relief valve (in some instances it could be both).
  • Iced up Condensate Pipe – Water is typically taken away from a condensing boiler through a condensate pipe. Freezing is a common problem with such systems and can often result in blockages that prevent the boiler from working as it should. 
  • Thermostat Issues – Old thermostats fail over time and will typically start providing erroneous readings. This can result in the thermostat turning the boiler off and on when they are not supposed to or at the wrong times. 
  • Leaking Boilers – Boiler seals will fail and break over time and you will need to get them replaced. This is one of the most common causes of a leak.
  • Boiler Switches off all the Time – This may result from an obstructed condensate pipe, low water pressure, the pump not circulating water as it should or air in the boiler system. We have an emergency repair team on hand to repair all these faults.